Shorea Offers Great Competition for Teak

Shorea wood offers affordability, beauty, and elegance to outdoor furniture even for those without a Teak budget. Shorea is a type of hardwood that is found primarily in the rain forest climes of Southeast Asia. This wood species is often compared to Teak for its strength and durability, as well as its beauty and elegance.

Today's homeowner is taking more time and care than ever before to ensure that their lawn and garden area is a sanctuary from the world. As such they are choosing richly appointed decorations, ornaments, and furnishings for their outdoor pleasure. Wood is great choice because it is elemental and doesn't take anything away from the experience of being outdoors. The problem is that not all woods are created equal and many woods are particularly fragile when placed in a hostile weather environment.

Outdoor furniture that is made with wood from the Shorea wood species will have a great amount of longevity. This particular wood is especially resilient against infestations from bugs as well as the elements of decay. During the first season, Shorea wood will hold the stain that you originally placed on it. Afterwards, it will take on a nice silver-gray tone. You can stave off this aged look for a while by using Teak oil on your Shorea outdoor furnishings at least once per season. The better care you take of your furnishings the longer they will maintain their youthful glow. That is perhaps one of the grandest things about Shorea.

In addition to an innate resistance to bugs, Shorea ages well. It is much more dense than Teak, which it is often compared to for looks, strength, and durability; but is priced considerably less because it is in more abundant supply than Teak. Despite its wider availability, the harvesting of Shorea is closely regulated in order to conserve this grand wood species. Shorea trees aren't allowed to be harvested for wood until they reach a certain size (size is usually indicative of age and therefore the more mature trees are harvested) allowing the younger trees to grow and reproduce.

The very nature of Shorea's resistance to bugs and decay make it an excellent choice for outdoor furnishings. In addition to the beautiful outdoor furnishings that are made with Shorea you will find that this wood species is used in the making of many boats, boat ornaments, bridges, and piers. All of these are built not only to last, but also to handle extreme and often harsh weather conditions. If nothing else convinces you of the strength of Shorea, this should. This is particularly evident if you've ever taken a stroll over a wooden bridge.

It is easy to focus so much on the strength and durability of this particular wood species and forget all about the beauty of this wood. I must admit that I love rich woods to begin with so I do have a predisposition to respect and appreciate the classic beauty of a wood such as Shorea, particularly when it comes to outdoor furniture, but this wood makes beautiful outdoor furniture in almost any design. Shorea, however, doesn't stand up well to carving. Other than that, you can have some absolutely stunning outdoor furnishings to bring out the natural beauty of your garden oasis from the world.

The absolute best thing about Shorea however, is its price tag. You can have the same beauty and quality of Teak for a much lower price. In fact, you will find that many Shorea furniture pieces will be less than half the price of Teak. The reason for this has nothing to do with one being of inferior quality to the other, and everything to do with one being much more abundantly available for harvesting than the other.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are more than 360 wood species of Shorea so you want to be sure that you are getting one of the hardwood species for your outdoor furniture. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable maker of wood furnishings and that the person trying to sell you the furniture is knowledgeable about not only Shorea wood in general but the specific species of Shorea wood that is used in the making of their outdoor furniture. A good outdoor furniture manufacturing company will know the answer to this and any other questions you have about the woods being used to build their products, particularly Shorea. If you are talking to someone who doesn't have the answers, be sure they can put you in touch with someone who can or I would recommend finding another company to work with.